We provide expertise in the application of applied behavioural ecology and welfare science to exhibit design to ensure optimal welfare standards and maximum expression of naturalistic behaviours.  In developing facilities capable of delivering exceptional welfare, we feel we can also enhance the zoo visitor experience and create unique informative opportunities, capable of inspiring visitors to care for wildlife. We can design facilities from scratch, or evaluate existing designs and offer value-engineering solutions that optimise performance for expenditure.  We are innovators, looking to advance the zoo standards, utilising science to deliver new solutions to old problems.




We can assist you in developing a long term vision for your zoo which matches your business's commercial aspirations whilst being mindful of institutional constraints, relevant trends such as evolving animal management requirements, conservation needs and sustainability requirements. We can also provide insights on the risks and opportunities to your business, identifying ways to optimise commercial performance, ethical parameters and visitor experiences. Cross-functional planning is key to success; to achieve this we bring our wealth of experience and a respected team of partners.




Jake Veasey has formulated a unique process for identifying the behavioural and cognitive needs of animals which has the potential to revolutionise animal welfare management and facility design. This system is currently in press in the scientific literature. We have a wealth of experience in zoo animal welfare assessment; we utilise multiple measures to benchmark welfare in order to help identify welfare priorities and solutions.  With nearly a decade worth of academic training in behavioural and welfare sciences and nearly two decades of experience in designing, implementing and monitoring processes and practices, we can help focus your welfare priorities and help distinguish perception from reality.




Uniquely, we have unprecedented experience from well over a decade of extensive zoo animal management covering all major taxa including elephants, rhino, giraffe, other large ungulates, large carnivores, primates, marine mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Our expertise can help your team optimise the management of the animals in your care. We have also implemented some of the most advanced zoo process and risk management practices. Our background can help guide your organization navigate accreditations as well as ensure best practice is applied consistently and demonstrably and to help you manage risk.