In 2012 Canada's largest AZA accredited zoo opened a penguine facility which brought together two habitats, one indoor and one outdoor, housing four species, supporting three in-situ projects in a dynamic, impactful exhibit which has to cope with annual temperatures fluctuating by as much as 70 degrees centigrade!


Our input on this project, arriving part way through construction was to work within the physical, financial and scheduling constraints of the original brief but to dramatically increase the space and complexity available to the birds as well as the suitability of substrates and interactive opportunities.


Utilizing Jake's experience from his PhD in avian reproductive behavioural ecology and in managing a highly successful penguin colonies in Europe, he worked with the Portico Group, and together they managed to increase both aquatic and terrestrial space by around 100% from the original brief.  In addition, the habitat was finessed to deliver a more 'penguin-friendly' environment, enriched with choice and free from many of the health issues such as bumble foot that plague so many conventional penguin exhibits in North America.


This exhibit was delivered on time and on budget, and contributed to delivering for the zoo its most successful year in its history exceeding 1.4m visitors plus expanding the zoo's conservation activities into South America and Antarctica.