We have been involved in the highly successful development and implementation of masterplans in Europe, North America and more recently in Asia.


Our approach is to assess the aspirations of the facility, identify constraints such as finances, climate and space, and working with the client deliver the most impactful development plan that helps secure financial security for the zoo but also ensures the developments prioritise conservation output where possible whislt ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare performance, thus future-proofing developments.


Jake Veasey has taken leading roles in the development of four masterplans in the UK, working as a part of diverse management teams. All of these zoos went on to dramatically increase their visitation since the onset of the implementation of the masterplan.


Most recently we are the lead contractor in the development of a masterplan through to detailed design it what will like be South East Asia's largest wildlife park estimated to attract 30,000 visitors per year to a 400 hecatre site. The porject involves not just a wildlife attraction but also rescue / rehab elements in linkages to UNESCO world heritage sites and globally important national parks.


Always visionary but grounded in the real world; we will help you ensure a vibrant future for your zoo that is financially and environmentally sustainable but which will also maximise the capacity of your facility to make a contribution to wildlife conservation and public enjoyment.