We have a long track record of success working with large exotic herbivores both as consultants and as employees. Highlights include;


  • Designing and establishing an African Ungulate Conservation Centre which housed six different breeding groups of critically endangered African ungulate species; probably the biggest collection on earth under one roof.

  • Developing the facilities and programme for the most successful Rothschild giraffe breeding facility outside of Africa.

  • Establishing the biggest and first white rhino facility built to house a functioning herd indoors as well as outdoors with substrate flooring.

  • Publishing numerous papers on the conservation, behaviour and welfare of African ungulate species.

  • Managing the European Endangered Species Programme for Africa's rarest large mammal south of the Sahara, the Eastern Bongo,  as well as being a member of the IUCN antelope specialist group and the Kenya Wildlife Service's Bongo Task Force.


Herbivores tend to be uncomplaining and as such are often neglected in terms of innovations in zoo design and welfare concern. We pride ourselves on designing spaces that work for both the zoos, public and the animals; designing around species' social and physical requirements.


Our projects have consistently met with excellent success and set new benchmarks in design and levels of care. Our projects have ranged from constructing some of the most extensive rhino, giraffe, equid and antelope facilities on earth to repurposing existing structures developing innovative facilities for comparatively small budgets.


This expertise goes beyond the boundaries of the zoo; Jake Veasey is active in African ungulate conservation and has worked extensively in Africa on bongo antelope, rhino and giraffe.