Veasey Zoo Design & Management was founded by Dr Jake Veasey; his unique background in animal welfare science and behavioural ecology combined with extensive practical experience in zoo animal managment and a successful track record in innovative design is what makes this company internationally unique.


Veasey has secured numerous zoo industry peer-reviewed animal welfare and exhibit design awards through designs and management practices he has led on; three times winner of the BIAZA award for Advances in Animal Welfare and twice awarded for Best New Exhibitory.


Veasey has worked on projects ranging from $600m masterplans, $25m exhibit developments through to $15k exhibit refurbishment and repurposing projects and is arguably the world leader in designing for zoo animal welfare, large ungulate and pachyderm facilities and developing immersive walkthrough exhibits.


The mission of Veasey Zoo Design is to provide expertise to zoos across the globe which will enable them to enhance animal welfare, the visitor experience and their conservation potential through excellence and innovation in design and management.


To achieve this, we apply the latest scientific insights in animal welfare science and applied behavioural ecology to ensure zoo habitats and management practices are compatible with the evolutionary heritage of each species.


In addition to design we are unique amongst zoo designers in offering a welfare audit service; assessing in a rigorous scientific manner, the welfare performance of exhibits and management strategies.




woburn giraffe herd3 copy

The giraffe herd at Woburn Safari Park is an excellent example of where the unique combination of applied behavioural ecology, welfare science and practical experience has been implemented with unparralled success.


Unique insights that Dr Jake Veasey gathered on the behaviour of wild and captive giraffe, led to the modification of an existing giraffe facility and management programme for which he was responsible at that time.  This resulted in the establishment of probably the most successful captive herd of endangered Rothschild giraffe on earth and the first herd of temperate giraffe to have access to leaf browse year round.


This programme was recognised for its advancement of animal welfare practices by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and Jake's research in this area was published in the journal 'Animal Welfare'  (Vol 5/1&2) and his innovations in giraffe management has been described  in International Zoo News (Vol 60/1).