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What we offer: Our skill set is unique; we are the first and still the only design consultancy which combines academic expertise in the fields of applied behavioural ecology and animal welfare science with over two decades of practical zoo animal management experience and welfare research. We have combined these elements to deliver innovative, world class, award winning zoo facilities and management practices which set new standards of excellence in animal care.


What we do: Veasey Designs provide a spectrum of services.  We can work with you on new briefs for conceptual designs through to supporting the delivery of detailed designs working alongside your chosen architects our or own partners to deliver intelligent value engineered design solutions.  We also provide guidance on optimal animal management practices and animal welfare auditing processes.  Our work doesn't end there, we provide practical research expertise to assist in the validation of the welfare performance of exhibitory and management practices where needed.


Our ethos: Veasey Zoo Design is committed to offering conscientious and comprehensive design and management solutions which focus on the relationships between animals, their environment and their evolutionary heritage which helps safeguard animal welfare and species conservation whilst ensuring a more positive relationship between zoo visitors and the wild animals with which we share this planet.




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